Frequently Asked Questions

The following FAQs apply specifically to the Aviva Recommend a Friend programme.

Please read these FAQs in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions for this programme. If you can't find an answer to your question, you can raise an enquiry with our customer support team.

    Please read in conjunction with full terms and conditions

  1. What is the Aviva Recommend a friend scheme?

    Our Recommend a friend scheme provides people who are already Aviva customers with the opportunity to recommend Aviva to their friends for the purchase of motor and home insurance. If the friend is a new customer and they go on to buy a new home, car or van policy via the email they receive from us, both of you will receive a £25 Gift Card*.

  2. How do I recommend a friend?

    Because you’re already an Aviva customer, you can refer your friends to us by completing the relevant information found by clicking one of the promotional buttons on our website or promotional emails. By completing a simple form, you can provide your details along with the name(s) and email address(es) of the friend(s) you wish us to contact.

    When they receive our email, they can review the benefits of the Aviva motor and home insurance policies and offers as described in your message and our own promotional material.

    Your friend will need to click on the buttons in the email they have received, within 30 days of receipt, to obtain a quote. They will then have 60 days from the date of this quote to complete their motor insurance policy purchase and 90 days from the date of quote to complete their home insurance policy.

    Your friends are also able to activate a ‘remind me later’ e-mail if their insurance isn’t due for renewal at the time of the e-mail. In this instance, the quotation and purchase time windows, as mentioned above, will re-open on receipt of this email and we’ll record any sale resulting from your recommendation.

    For the full terms and conditions which apply to the Recommend a friend scheme click here

  3. When will I get my reward?

    Once your friend has made a purchase and the policy has been validated (28 days following the policy start date) you’ll receive an email containing your Gift Card* and your friend will receive theirs too. This is subject to your policy and your friend’s policy still being in place and all payments being up to date at this time.

  4. Does my friend have to make a purchase for me to get my reward?

    Yes, while our Recommend a friend emails are purely promotional, and carry no obligation to the recipient or to you, your friend will need to purchase either a home, car or van policy online as a new customer in order for you to both qualify for a gift card. This purchase must be made by clicking through on the promotional emails sent to your friend. Your friend cannot purchase more than one policy of the same type under the scheme. Only one voucher will be sent per new qualifying policy of home, car or van insurance.

  5. What happens if I don’t receive my gift card?

    If you’ve waited more than 28 days following the start date of your friend’s policy and you haven’t received your gift card, you can raise an enquiry with the Recommend a friend team here.

  6. How many Friends can I recommend to you?

    You are able to recommend and benefit from up to six friends in any 12 month period. This is 12 months from your policy start/renewal date. The friends you recommend must not have been a customer for that specific product through Aviva within the 12 months prior to their new purchase.

  7. Do I need permission from my friend?

    Yes, you must have your friend’s consent to provide us with their email address so that we can contact them in conjunction with this promotion.

  8. My friend never got the email. What went wrong?

    There is a chance that it may have landed in their spam/promotions folder. We take every possible step to ensure that this is not the case but can’t guarantee that this will not occur. Please ask your friend to check their spam/promotions folder. If the email isn’t there, you will need to start the process from the beginning.

  9. My friend made a purchase, but I never received my reward. What went wrong?

    In order for us to link your friend’s purchase back to you, their web browser must have cookies enabled. They also need to click on the button in their email and follow the instructions online when buying their policy. If you believe that your friend has made a purchase but you haven’t received your reward, please contact our customer service team here.

  10. How is my personal data stored? How secure is it?

    Your data is transferred from your web browser to our referral system by means of an encrypted data format (SSL). Our data warehouse is protected by a set of physical firewalls including intrusion detection. Your data is stored within our data warehouse in an encrypted format and only made available to the system administrators, Online Media Group and our marketing teams. Your data will not be transferred outside the European Union.

  11. If a friend whom I’ve recommended insures more than one car on a Multicar policy, will I get more than one reward?

    No, the reward is offered per new policy, and the vehicles will be registered on the same policy number. To claim multiple rewards, you’d need to refer more than one friend who would then go on to take out new policies. You can claim rewards for recommending a maximum of 6 friends within a 12 month period – please see ‘How many friends can I recommend to you’ to find out more.

  12. More than one person is named as a policyholder on my Aviva MultiCar insurance. Can each named person recommend friends?

    Yes. Any of the named persons may also recommend a friend to take out a new home, car or van policy, and will be eligible to receive any reward which may be due.

  13. I can’t find the answer to my question on this page

    Please click here to raise a query with our customer services team.

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